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A vibrant, enthusiastic teacher and student of Native American Herbalism. Violet has devoted most of her life to understanding the North American natural environment. Violet was the apprentice of a learned Native Medicine Woman for over 6 years before being able to practice her craft independently. For the last 15 years Violet has been formulating amazing natural remedies for everything from eczema to immunity boosters. Violet follows the path of native wisdom to create safe, natural, powerful solutions for everyone


Formal high school and college education focused on communications and business. Violet's a herbalist and she has experience including foraging, gathering, hunting, tanning and natural medicine. Native Medicine Woman Apprentice for many years prior to being able to practice independently. Years of study and practice to channel hundreds of years of Native American Ethnobotany.


Founder of Gallipot Herbs Skilled teacher of Native American Remedies. Researcher and Creator of a long list of natural remedies for all manner of ailments. Examples include medicinal salves, extracts, tinctures, and teas. Woman in the Moon Partner.


Learning and discovery are a lifelong journey. Knowledge of North American Ethnobotany is available to anyone who wants to take the time to learn. Natural Remedies are healthier and safer then manufactured medicine the majority of the time. Understanding plants and herbs in their natural state is critical to understanding their medicinal properties.