Private Label Your Own CBD Products

Get High Quality Osiris Organics Products Produced With Your Own Label

4 Key things worth your attention


Private labeling allows our retailers to offer something distinct to their customers. It is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors. With private branding, you can create your image and have your own marketing identity. Promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty. Your clients already trust you and look to you for advice; extend that trust with high quality products. Sign Up


A loyal customer base is a major factor to make a business successful. Private label branding is a way to build customer loyalty from people who already trust your brand. Offering high-quality products with limited accessibility to your existing customer base help's increase loyalty from your core customers. It gives those customers an attachment to your brand and gives them the feeling that they are among the selected few who own it. Sign Up


Private label branding lets you create your unique image, which in return promotes a stronger customer recognition. The Osiris Organics Private Label Program tailors the packaging and labels the way you want it. It includes the product name, description, your company’s logo, and contact information. This creates a personalized relationship leading to higher customer loyalty and repeat business. Sign Up

Increased Revenue

Last but not the least, the Osiris Organics Private Label program offers higher profit margins compared to resale products. It is because the cost basis for Private Labeling your product is lower. The lower your expenses at production, the higher your profits will be. For example, supermarkets routinely use private labels to attain high-profit margins which offset much lower margins on top industry brands. Sign Up


The history behind Osiris Organics

Osiris Organics was created by our founders after they realized the life changing benefits of natural products in their own lives. Osiris’ founders and their families all experienced injuries that resulted in the use of opioids, serious illness and severe stress. By coincidence, our founders independently found out about various natural products and their amazing properties. Once we came together, we wanted to create a great company. Realizing that not all products are created the same we set out to create a high quality, consistent natural product experience for our clients. At Osiris Organics we pride ourselves on transparency, third party testing, and educating the community on what products are best for them.