Why Is CBD So Popular?

So why has CBD increased in popularity over recent years?

CBD has become one of the newest ways for people to relieve their own health issues in today’s society. Recently people on the internet have been very vocal about how CBD has changed their lives for the better. They proclaim that CBD can have better effects than their prescribed medications. Why is CBD so popular you may ask? If you are a regular social media user you have definitely seen an advertisement, video, or testimonial about someone preaching the wonders of CBD within the last week. 

The CBD Craze

This CBD craze has people from the 25-60 groups wondering about the exact healing properties that the hemp plant can aid with. With CBD being so readily available nowadays many people are now discovering what they’ve been missing out on. Early experiments, studies, and active users have suggested that CBD can relieve symptoms from anxiety, schizophrenia, and pain. As the word continues to spread about CBD’s health ailments, the stigma around CBD products will start diminishing. 

Marijuana Plant vs. Hemp Plant

Although CBD comes from both the Hemp and Marijuana plant, the reason why so many people have picked CBD from hemp over marijuana is because unlike the marijuana plant, the hemp plant produces CBD with less than 0.3% THC. This means that CBD from the hemp plant does not have the psychoactive properties to get you high. You can reap all the healing benefits of CBD derived from hemp without getting high. 

Quality and CBD

CBD is readily available anywhere depending on where you live. CBD products like tinctures, flavored gummies, and even bath bombs can be purchased via online shopping, at kiosks inside malls, or dispensaries. You can gauge what quality of CBD you are buying by the price of the CBD product. There are many companies online that are selling CBD products with very low quality CBD so when you are in search the of a good brand you must do your research on the product. Take the time to read CBD product reviews, description, and make sure the product is from a trusted company. 

Osiris Organics

Osiris Organics has a variety of CBD products that ships anywhere in the USA with very highly rated reviews. Being based in Raleigh, North Carolina the company has access to CBD products right from the farm which are then triple distilled to have 0% THC leaving the purest form of CBD from the hemp plant.

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