Social Distancing Can Still Be Social

You are holed up in your house, there is a toilet paper and egg shortage, and you haven’t showered in days. No, this isn’t a scene out of The Walking Dead. This is living out the new craze we call “social distancing.” As much he wants to be Daryl Dixon, please tell your man to stop hunting rabbits with a crossbow in the backyard. (Amazon fresh delivery is still operating, people.)

Now that we have solved your food crisis, we’re going to let you in on a little secret.

It sounds crazy but you don’t have to be a complete hermit during self-quarantine. 

If you have already forgotten how to talk to people, let us help you realize you can still live out the “social” in social distancing with these activities.

FaceTime your parents over coffee in the morning to make sure they’re not planning on making a Costco run anytime soon. Seriously, stay sane by checking in on your family and friends. Don’t just discuss what show you are a binge watching over your quarantine. Aim for having at least three substantial conversations this week as it is shown to boost overall physical health and mental awareness.

With all this extra time on your hands, this is a perfect time to get away with being a bookworm. Start a book club with your friends on your own or join one online such as Simon Sinek’s book club where you can read along and discuss his New York Times Best Selling book Start With Why with live online sessions with the author himself.

Who said Zoom only had to be used for conference calls arguing over who is and isn’t on mute? Table the conference call for later and throw a Zoom dance party instead at Club Quarantine. Curate a Spotify playlist for your dance partners in crime across town and sync up your jams while drinking CBD infused quarantinis.

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