How to Treat Pet Stress With CBD

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Do you ever wonder if your pet is stressed? Some signs of pet stress are obvious, but others not so much. Read this brief article to learn about the top signs of stress in pets. 

You’ll learn how to spot stress in pets, and what you can do about it.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the tools not only to notice when your pet’s stress response is triggered but also to help them manage their anxiety. 


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Most Common Sources of Stress in Dogs  

It’s pretty easy to tell when a dog is happy, but do you know how to tell when a dog is stressed? 

If your dog's behavior changes enough for you to worry, it may be stressed. 

Dogs and other animals are much like humans in that each has a unique personality that responds differently to certain environments and situations. 

Furthermore, the same things that trigger stress in us humans are often the same things that trigger stress in our pets. 

Here are some of the most common stress triggers for both dogs and cats.

  • Loud Noises – Excessive noise and loud bangs, such as from fireworks or construction, can make your pet feel stressed and afraid.
  • Home Environment – Moving homes or cities is not something pets are fond of, but even little things like new furniture can be enough to disrupt your pet’s inner peace.
  • Family Members – Dogs are pack animals and changes in the pack or family, such as a new baby or absent member, can have your dog’s mental health on edge.
  • Harsh Punishment – Excessive punishments and aggression is a big stressor for pets. Use only firm verbal discipline, and keep it positive.
  • Separation Anxiety - Our pets are intimately connected with us whether we realize it or not. The absence of a pet’s favorite person can leave them wrecked with stress.


Can CBD Help with Desensitizing Pets?  

Animals aren’t so complicated. Meet their basic needs and they’re usually pretty agreeable. If you’re noticing stress in your pet, then try these basic steps to help reduce your pet's stress levels. 

Desensitization to stress triggers is a great place to start with pets experiencing anxiety with a new stimulus in their environment. This could be a person or even an object.

Slowly introduce your pet to the presence of the stress trigger in small ways for short periods. This process takes time and may require the help of a trainer. 

Giving your pet CBD tinctures for dogs or CBD dog treats may help with their ability to relax and conquer their fears, according to studies.

Research experiments on mice and CBD show that it activates parts of the brain responsible for fear memory extinction and stress response. 


Counter Conditioning Pets with CBD Treats

Similar to desensitization, counter conditioning is a great approach to changing pet stress response from negative to positive. Using treats to reprogram a negative experience into a positive one can help your pet begin associating rewards with the activity that stresses them. 

Studies suggest that CBD stimulates brain regions in animals associated with how they learn and store memories associated with fear. 

Use CBD dog treats to reward your dog’s good behavior every step along the way to the vet or the park to start counter-conditioning the learned stress responses. 


Give Your Dog A Massage


With loads of stress comes loads of muscular tension and pet owners don’t often think about the tense muscles in their pets. If your doggo likes it, take time to gently rub and massage the neck, shoulders, back, or hips. 

Touch is soothing and comforting for dogs that can have a hard time relaxing. Help them to relax even easier by giving them CBD tincture for dogs

It naturally boosts endocannabinoids and stimulates brain receptors that calm mood, relieve stress, alleviates muscle tension, and promote a deep sense of relaxation. 


CBD Tincture for Dog Stress

Every dog is different, but they can all experience stress. Domesticated pets don’t always have the wild luxury of relieving stress according to their animalistic tendencies. 

Maybe the only thing your pooch needs is a little more time running at the park or just some old-fashioned quality time curled up with their favorite person. 

Whatever it may be, if you want to help reduce your dog’s stress levels try implementing some of the methods mentioned here. And make it easy on yourself and your pooch by using CBD dog treats to supplement training. 

Studies show that CBD oil rich in phytocannabinoids and terpenes has a powerful anti-anxiety and anti-depressant-like effect in animals and that it may help improve the comfort and quality of life in dogs with Osteoarthritis. 

You can learn more about CBD studies on dogs and how to give your dog CBD in our blog linked here. 


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