Environment: Setting Up For Success

Chances are you have been forced to work from home amongst a COVID-19 inflicted self-quarantine. Whether you have two kids in the background spilling Cheerios on the carpet, or have found your desk riddled with 8 empty coffee mugs, there are right and wrong ways to approach setting up your work environment for productivity and success during these strange times. 


If you are scrubbing dry cereal milk out of your carpet, breathe in deep. Relax. There is hope for this forced adjustment we are all in and you will be knocking out your to-do list in no time.  


First things first; Netflix. Do not work in the same room you watch The Office in for the 400th time. Separating work from home may seem impossible given the fact you are working from home. However, it’s easier than you think. The important lesson here is to designate a room or area as your workspace. No streaming services, no games, just you and the tools you need to get your business or your workload headed in the right direction. 

You found your space, preferably in a quiet room; now you need a desk where those long work hours are distraction-free. After all, your clients deserve your utmost focus. To keep your brain and body sharp, I recommend using a standing desk with a high top chair to give yourself the option of balancing between relaxed posture and providing critical blood flow to your arms and legs. Try not to sit all day! 


Although a clean, organized desk is of utmost importance to curating a productive environment, we cannot forget an often overlooked aspect: colors!  

We’ve all worked that depressing job in a grey cubicle with stark white walls. Although your actual job functions have a lot to do with productivity, mood, and general health, colors play an extremely important role that can set the tone for your attitude with the goal of accomplishing what you initially sought out to do. In fact, there have been studies that show gray, beige, and white colors in an office actually induce feelings of sadness and depression! So what colors do help you stay upbeat and motivated? 


Low-wavelength colors such as blues and greens improve efficiency and focus. These are great colors to have around you when you have clear, multiple-step projects like building a budget or scheduling meetings. 


Medium-wavelength colors such as yellow create a sense of happiness and creativity. This is great for creative endeavours such as writing, event planning, or designing. These colors will provide the creative edge you need amidst tight deadlines. 

High-wavelength colors like red, increase heart rate and boost energy. Ever notice that most restaurants have a lot of red in their color schemes? It is because your heart rate does in fact increase and you often get hungrier! Red walls (or lights) are perfect for tackling your inbox. Try to go through your emails right before lunch to power yourself through the middle of the day.


Of course, you might not have all the right colors for every mood you need for every activity, however, get creative! Installing colored lights that can change or even wearing a sweatshirt that matches your desired mood can give you that extra edge to create an optimal working environment.  

Eventually, your at-home office might get stale even with all of these inputs for success. Sometimes you just gotta get out of the office one to two times a week and stake out at a coffee shop or co-op space. You will know when you need to switch it up. Don’t feel trapped at your desk if you need to get out for a day or two! 


Here at Osiris, we curate our space with the Uplift V2 Standing Desk for healthy posture, remote-controlled color-changing bulbs for our desired mood, and a Fresh Lemon Tincture to help with all those stressful emails.  


We’d love to see your space. Share photos and comment below on what you have found to help you during these strange COVID times! 

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